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The Nutrient Use Effieciency People

We focus solely on developing and launching NUE solutions, with a diverse product portfolio of over 300 patent properties. Our solutions are designed to enhance crop uptake, reduce nutrient losses, and improve yields for growers globally.



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verdesian seed treatment


How Do We Empower Our Farmers?

Our range of products comprises over 300 patented properties, catering to diverse needs.


Seed Treatment & Inoculants

Our Seed Treatment & Inoculants products revolutionize planting with enhanced seed germination, crop emergence, and seedling vigor while increasing plant resilience against abiotic stressors for higher yields. Delivering key nutrients and biostimulants directly to the seed offers superior agronomic benefits compared to standard treatments.


Fertiliser Enhancers

Our range of Fertilizer Enhancers, including products like AVAIL® and N-Charge® G, are designed to optimize nutrient use and improve crop health. These enhancers are integral to efficient nutrient management, promoting healthier plant growth and increased crop yields.



Verdesian Life Sciences offers innovative biostimulants that are designed to enhance plant growth and yield. They help activate soil and plant processes, improve nutrient availability, enhance tolerance to environmental stresses, and increase plant yield.



The nutrient products offered by Verdesian Life Sciences, form a comprehensive nutrient category designed to support plant growth and soil health. This category encompasses a range of solutions tailored to address specific nutrient deficiencies in various types of soils and crops.

verdesian seed treatment

About Verdesian Asia

At Verdesian, we understand our farmers’ daily challenges, from climate change and unpredictable weather patterns to pest and disease management.

That’s why we have developed various innovative products to help you optimise crop production. Our organic solutions can improve nutrient uptake, increase water-use efficiency, and enhance plant growth and yield. By using our products, you can reduce input costs while also improving the quality of your crops.


Our Team of Specialists

Our team has the leading experts in the industry and is dedicated to providing excellence for the future of agriculture.

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