Dr. MY Zargar

Business Development Manager

Dr. MY Zargar's exceptional academic qualifications also contribute to his expertise in agriculture. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Microbiology from Punjab Agricultural University, one of India's most prestigious agricultural universities. During his doctoral research, Dr. Zargar made significant contributions to the study of microbial ecology and soil microbiology, laying the foundation for his later research and development work.

Dr. Zargar's academic achievements and extensive experience in the industry make him a formidable presence in agriculture. His deep understanding of the science behind agricultural research and development and his leadership skills make him an ideal candidate for his current role as Business Development Manager at Verdesian Life Sciences.

Dr. Zargar's vast knowledge, dedication, and passion for the industry make him an exceptional addition to the Verdesian Life Sciences team. His extensive experience, outstanding academic qualifications, and exceptional leadership skills make him an invaluable asset to the company.