Prem Khanpara

Market Development Agronomist

Prem Khanpara, an accomplished Market Development Agronomist, has been a pivotal part of the Verdesian team since July 2022. Based in Kutch, his expertise lies in seamlessly integrating sales, marketing, and development strategies to optimize agricultural outputs in the region. Prem's role at Verdesian involves a dynamic combination of on-ground agricultural practices, making him an invaluable asset to the company. With a deep understanding of the Kutch area's unique agricultural landscape, Prem has successfully implemented tailored agronomic solutions that cater to the specific needs of local farmers. Prem's journey in agronomy, backed by his robust knowledge and experience in the field, has enabled him to drive significant growth in the Kutch area. Prem's contribution to Verdesian is marked by his commitment to agricultural innovation and community development, making him a key figure in the advancement of agriculture in Kutch.