PrimacyALPHA works inside the plant to stimulate the efficient assimilation and utilisation of nutrients. A unique blend of technologies: Cytokinin precursor, chlorophyll precursor, and Take Off Technology. PrimacyALPHA contains patented Verdesian technologies discovered by Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of California at Riverside PrimacyALPHA also functions as a reproductive growth catalyst that collectively stimulates, intensifies and optimizes plant metabolism; encourages rapid plant nutrient uptake; promotes plant growth and enhances consistent crop quality and yield potential.

  • Encourages rapid plant growth and improved crop quality for greater yield potential and ROI
  • Increases nutrient uptake, utilisation and delivery
  • Promotes plant health and stress tolerance
  • Increases flowering, fruit size and fruit set
  • Provides critical secondary and micronutrients, including sulphur, boron, manganese and zinc
  • Increased yields and produced quality
400 ml / Acre or 2.5-3 ml / Litre Water

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