Cyto Potash

Cyto Potash
Cyto Potash is a unique blend of organic compounds and potash, delivered in liquid form for easy application and rapid absorption by plants.
Cyto Potash is designed to provide plants with the essential nutrients for optimal growth and development, particularly potash, which is crucial for root development and overall plant health. Potash is one of the three primary macronutrients required by plants, along with nitrogen and phosphorus, and is vital for strong and healthy plant growth.
What sets Cyto Potash apart is its unique blend of organic compounds, which work together to enhance the effectiveness of the potash and promote overall plant health. The liquid form of Cyto Potash also allows for easy and efficient application, ensuring that plants receive the nutrients they need promptly and effectively.

Benefits of

Cyto Potash

Behaves like an osmoregulator, improves abiotic stress tolerance, especially drought stress throughout the crop season


Increased grain/fruit size, weight and colour formation

Dose and time of application:

250 ml / Acre or 1.5-2 ml / Litre of Water In field crops at the time of grain filling stage In fruits and vegetables at the time of colour change

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