Seed 100 CL

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Seed 100 CL provides comprehensive nutrition for germinating allowing them to emerge earlier and more uniformly seedlings, while protecting them from biotic and abiotic stresses, resulting in healthy and vigorous plants.

Benefits of SEED 100 CL


Increased Germination and plant stands

seed treatment

Helps in earlier and more uniform emergence


Better root development


Complete nutrition for germinating seeds


Helps plants overcome abiotic stress


Increases nutrient uptake in seedlings

nutrient use efficiency

Healthier seedlings


Provides better nutrition to new emerged plants

Important Considerations

seed treatment

Use Seed 100 CL only for seed treatment

seed treatment

Do not use water for seed treatment with Seed 100 CL; apply it dry

seed treatment

Seed 100 CL can be used alongside all types of pesticides and fungicides

seed treatment

Planting can be done anytime after using Seed 100 CL

plant nutrition of greenhouse crops

SEED+ on Corn


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