Verdesian Life Sciences Announces Acquisition of Cytozyme Laboratories

Verdesian Life Sciences announced that it has acquired Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc. The addition of Cytozyme provides additional value to Verdesian and strengthens its position as The Nutrient Use Efficiency People. “This acquisition is a tremendous sign not just for Verdesian Life Sciences, but for the category of nutrient use efficiency products,” says Verdesian CEO Kenny Avery. “For the past three years we have worked side by side with Cytozyme leadership as we partnered on CROP+, SEED+ and SEED+ GRAPHITE technologies – products that have filled needs across agriculture and that have been embraced by the market. This partnership ensures that Verdesian will continue to innovate for the betterment of farmers everywhere. The knowledge and experience that Cytozyme brings to global agriculture is a tremendous asset as well.” Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Cytozyme boasts decades of innovation aimed at progressive growers. “For more than four decades, Cytozyme’s mission has been to help farmers achieve sustainable yields through innovative solutions,” says Cytozyme CEO Eric Baughman. “We firmly believe that Verdesian Life Sciences has the technology, capabilities, and the people to continue that mission in a way that is true to our ideals. Our two companies’ product mixes are incredibly complementary; this is a great day for growers everywhere.” Since its start in 2012, Verdesian has grown into a market leader in nutrient use efficiency technologies such as AVAIL, NutriSphere-N, NUE-Charge G, Take Off LS, MicroSync products, Primacy ALPHA, Nutri-Phite, Primo R1 and more. “This acquisition is part of Verdesian’s broader merger and acquisition growth strategy toward maintaining leadership across the nutrient use efficiency space,” says Rick Riegner, EVP of Strategy & Business Development, Verdesian, “and it is further evidence of the continued embrace of products that offer sustainable solutions to farmers.”