Nursery +

The nutritional supplement ensures a healthy and vibrant nursery crop. As a nursery owner or farmer, you know that your plants’ success depends on various factors, including the proper nutrients, adequate water, and optimal growing conditions. However, even with the best care, your nursery crop can be at risk from external factors such as herbicide shock and abiotic stress. This is where Nursery+ comes in, providing your plants with the essential nutrients to thrive and protecting them from stress and other potential damage. With Nursery+, you can rest easy knowing that your nursery crop is getting the support it needs to grow strong and healthy.

Benefits of Nursery +

seed treatment

Nutritional Supplement for a Healthy Nursery

seed treatment

Essential Nutrients to Maintain a Healthy Nursery


Minimise Transplant Shock to Ensure a Healthy Nursery


Protect Nursery Crops from Herbicide Shock and Help Plants Overcome Abiotic Stress (e.g., High Temperatures and Drought Conditions)


Increase Photosynthesis and Antioxidants for a Healthier Nursery for Main Field


2.5-5 ml/kg of Water Soluble Fertilizer

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