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Nemo Ca is a revolutionary technology that accelerates nutrient acquisition and assimilation as well as nitrogen use efficiency.
Nemo Ca is a concentrated nutrient solution containing, in highly soluble form elements like Calcium, Potash and phosphites which are beneficial to plant growth, flowering, crop development, yield quality, fruit set, rooting & root development and transplant establishment while increasing the plant’s immune system against diseases.

Benefits of

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Accelerated nutrient absorption and utilization for improved plant growth, development, and yield quality.

season-long performance

Enhanced fruit set, rooting, and transplant establishment, leading to healthier and robust crops.


Strengthened plant immune system against diseases, ensuring better plant health and resilience.


Increased nitrogen use efficiency, promoting sustainable agriculture and reducing nutrient wastage.


300-400 ml/ Acre


All crops


Compatible with most commonly used pesticides, chemically Neutral fertilizers and micronutrients

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