CytoZ - Zn

Introducing Cytoz Zinc, a plant nutrient formulated with natural chelation technology. This innovative product offers a high absorption rate of 12% organic zinc, allowing plants to assimilate the nutrient within two hours efficiently.
Cytoz Zinc is designed to enhance crop production and promote uniform fruit size. Its organic content of 18% provides plants with protection against both biotic and abiotic stress factors, contributing to their overall resilience.
Cytoz Zinc improves CO2 fixation and photosynthesis by activating the Carbonic anhydrase enzyme activity, supporting optimal plant growth and development. Furthermore, Cytoz Zinc has received organic certification from CDFA California, WSDA Washington, and OKO Germany, demonstrating its adherence to stringent organic standards.
For ease of use, Cytoz Zinc can be incorporated into tank mixes with other insecticides or fungicides, providing flexibility in plant protection strategies.

Benefits Of Cytoz Zinc


Enhanced nutrient absorption

Natural chelation technology allows for optimal nutrient uptake, ensuring plants efficiently utilise organic zinc.


Rapid zinc absorption

The product delivers 12% organic zinc, quickly absorbed by plants within two hours of application, promoting faster growth and development.


Improved fruit production

By promoting uniformity in fruit size, the fertiliser helps increase overall production, resulting in higher yields for farmers.


Enhanced photosynthesis

Activating Carbonic anhydrase enzyme activity boosts CO2 fixation and photosynthesis, improving plant growth and productivity.


Enhanced plant resilience

The 18% organic content in the fertiliser aids in protecting plants from both biotic and abiotic stress factors, improving their ability to withstand adverse conditions.


250 ml / Acre or 1.5-2 ml / Litre Water

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