AVAIL® phosphorus fertilizer enhancer makes phosphorous uptake more efficient for crops, resulting in upto 45% more phosphorous being accessible to crops. This means a higher yield and a greater ROI.

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Influence of Soil ph on the soil Phosphorous availability

How Avail Works?

AVAIL® is a resin-based technology with a charge of -1800 meq CEC.
Increased phosphorous accessibility by roots improving its solubility.
It attracts and binds with positive ions (Ca, Mg, Al) in soil, leaving phosphorous free for uptake by crop roots.
AVAIL® promotes season-long phosphorus uptake by crop for optimum growth and higher yields.

Benefits of AVAIL®

seed treatment

Better early season crop performance

seed treatment

More robust root and shoot system


Increased yield and ROI


Less phosphorous soil build-up

How To Use?


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